you don’t understand. i was so close to balling in the middle of the cinema because of this.Β 

I was doing my best impression of Niagra Falls.

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So we (let’s call her ‘J’) dated years years ago. She came back to visit her pops and little brother. At this time I was kinda with someone. But things happen and we stop what we had. But anyways back to J. So J tried to make a move on me while I was talking to this other girl I rejected. But after me and that one girl stopped things got crazy. Me and J knew that I don’t go back out with people especially that she’s going back to her place soon. But we have been spending crazy time with eachother watching movies, eating out, hanging around, and just things regular couples would do. We made a promise we won’t fall for eachother but after today… It kinda changed. Running to te car when it was pouring hella hard she grabbed my hand holding it tight, something she never did before. She looked at me and smiled and didn’t want to let go.. It got me feeling some type of way. But I’m stuck… We promised we won’t fall for eachother and I don’t go out with people after dating them… I’m confused.. And I don’t want to waste time anymore. Idk if she’s the girl or not…

Good sex solves all problems πŸ‘Œ